SIPT Subtests

Space Visualization:  Being able to locate an object in space.


Figure-Ground Perception:  Being able to tell an object from the background.


Standing and Walking Balance


Design Copying


Postural Praxis:  Being able to control motor movements in order to maintain a posture.


Bilateral Motor Coordination:  Being able to coordinate both sides of the body.


Praxis on Verbal Command:  Being able to perform a movement with verbal instructions.


Constructional Praxis:  Being able to move in order to build an object.


Postrotary Nystagmus:  Eyes continue to rotate after a person has been spun around.


Motor Accuracy:  Being able to move accurately to an object.


Sequencing Praxis:  Being able to sequence motor movements.


Oral Praxis:  Being able to sequence mouth movements.


Manual Form Perception


Kinesthesia:  Awareness of body parts in space.


Finger Identification


Graphesthesia:  Being able to identify a letter drawn on the skin without vision.


Localization of Tactile Stimuli

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